Photo: Thomas Wietse

For several years we have been part of the creative community called Tanken in Sandvika, where many talented sprouts worked with their creativity. Among them, we became acquainted with the clothing brand Outdrop. This creative gang, led by Emil Ringheim, creates exciting collections that challenge the ordinary man in the street as well as address societal problems and important themes in the garments they make.

Skjermbilde 2021-02-22 kl. 16.11.37.png

They work sustainably with environmentally friendly production methods.  In addition, they collaborate with many artists, performers and other famous figures to make clothes. You can find most things on outdrop.no. After sharing an office with this good bunch, we decided to have a collaboration.

A limited number of rings were made with a logo composed by Emil R.. The logo is a merger of Outdrop and Demba Oslo's logos. As our first collaboration, we learned a lot along the way, and the ring eventually became a beautiful product! 

The ring was only made in 16 numbered copies where most were sold out. We have saved a couple that we will auction off for a good cause.