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We in Demba Oslo quickly realized that we wanted to do something more than just produce jewelry in this small country in western Africa . The love and warmth we received already the first trip we had to Gambia made us want to give something back to these wonderful people. This has become a matter of the heart for us, and we have therefore chosen to donate 10% of each product sold to this project.

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There was one reason in particular that made us choose to locate our workshop in the city of Bakau. In the short time we spent viewing the venue, a whole bunch of children flocked to greet us. These children were looked after by the owner of the neighboring shop. It was not his job, but in a way he had an unofficial responsibility for the local children in the street. When they finished preschool and school, they came directly to the street where this man has his shop. They set up a football field in the middle of the street, played his drums and tried to make jewelry. These are small children from 2 to 7 years old who live in the area around the store.

"Daddy Fax"

We were so lucky to meet this wonderful man early on our first trip to Gambia. His name is Dembo Sillah, but he is best known as "Daddy Fax". "Fax" is a former drummer in an African drum band who has toured around the world. He speaks several languages, including Swedish / Norwegian. Now he has put his professional drum career on the shelf and instead focuses on making drums and handmade pearl jewelery he can sell to tourists. He does this from the premises next to our workshop.



Daddy Fax står med barna fra Demba Afterschool

We have developed a special bond with this man, and have thus decided to integrate him into Demba Oslo's vision to give something back. Therefore, we have chosen to save 10% of each product sold in the online store and 5% from jewelry sold in the store. We will use this money for various projects that will focus on raising the local community Gambia. We will mainly work to make a difference for children, women and the sick. We at Demba Oslo believe that these are people who deserve help. A small deed here in Norway can make a big difference in Gambia.



Since "Daddy Fax" already has a job as the local daycare dad, we want to further develop this concept. We at Demba Oslo want to collect money from sales to open a after-school program where the children can come after school. "Daddy Fax" will have the main responsibility, while we work to make his job a play with the children.


Daddy fax står med alle barna

Current project

Our first project is to collect a sum that goes to rent land and build a fenced area the children can use after school. We want so much of the money we collect to go to the locals in Gambia. We will therefore buy all the toys, instruments, equipment and labor from the natives.

All info about how the project is going, we will actively share with our followers on Instagram and the blog that comes in the menu bar at the top of this page.

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